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Workers Use Astrology to Guide Their Careers

Posted on 18 February 2009

Astrology has been used for centuries to look into the past and foresee the future. Astrology charts the position of the planets at the time of a person’s birth. Some say these forces can determine a person’s personality, their path in life, and their career.

Heeding Stellar Advice
Kelli Fox, astrologer, publisher, and co-founder of, hears from many people who want astrological advice on career changes. “I tell them to increase their skills,” she says, “but to be practical.”

Men are somewhat discreet when consulting their horoscopes, but women have traditionally been more apt to gravitate toward astrology. Plus, Fox says, today’s women are more career-focused than their mothers were. But astrology still carries cross-gender stigma, probably because the system hasn’t been given a scientific nod of approval. “We don’t really know how astrology works,” she adds.

The many eclipses that have occurred since 2000 have had an unsettling effect on peoples’ careers.

Judith Nadell has been an astrologer for 25 years. Based in Brookline, MA, her clients include TV and movie producers, CPAs, a major real estate developer, shoe designers, psychotherapists, lawyers, and PR consultants. Nadell believes astrology can be used at every stage in a person’s career. For those just starting out, she looks at their chart to see what careers would best suit them. For those thinking of changing jobs, Nadell uses astrology to encourage them to improve on old patterns. For business owners, she recommends certain areas to explore for increased revenues.

The many eclipses that have occurred since 2000 have had an unsettling effect on peoples’ careers, Nadell believes. This fact is highlighted by the current state of the economy: “A lot of people are shifting careers, not just changing jobs.” Much of this cycle will end in 2002, giving way to a thrust towards personal freedom. “I think you will see a lot of people starting their own businesses,” she says.

Astrology at Work
When discussing the influence of astrology on their lives, many interview subjects insisted on anonymity. “Jane” has been a real estate broker in Manhattan for 20 years. Jane believes that astrology expresses the energies people have within themselves. Knowing a client’s birth date allows her to adjust her communication style to suit the individual’s needs. “When I’m having difficulty moving negotiations forward,” she says, “I will look at a client’s chart to see what the impediments may be.”

UK-based opera singer “Martha” first had her chart done nine years ago. She has consulted five different astrologers since then, usually with a specific question in mind or when she’s looking for clarification on a situation. An astrologer recently laid out Martha’s life four years into the future: what days to embark on ventures, what days to do nothing, and so on. “I don’t know that I would follow her date recommendations verbatim,” says Martha, “but I might be more wary of those days.”

The astrologer also went back in time a few months, naming a particular date on which Martha had a bad singing audition. “Had I consulted with her before,” she says, “I would have known not to do anything on that date because everything was aligned against me.”

“Daniel” is a 38-year-old antiques dealer in New York. He first went to an astrologer at age 25. He uses astrology to guide his career and plan certain time frames. For example, when he was thinking of getting a new job, his astrologer gave him the right time frame to change jobs and even helped him decide how to best use any remaining vacation time. When Daniel was thinking of buying a certain business, she advised him against it. The astrologer cited specific reasons that were unknown at the time, but that came to light afterwards. Yet Daniel remains objective: “I think of it as one viewpoint and I store it in the back of my mind.”

A Grain of Salt
Astrology can indicate a person’s potential, Fox says, and the best times to do things, but people shouldn’t run their lives. It should be used in conjunction with many other factors in making decisions, not as the sole determinant. “It concerns me that people use their daily horoscope to make life decisions,” says Fox. “It’s really only the tip of the iceberg of what they should be looking at.”

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