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Understanding your values

Posted on 02 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
  • Your values are the foundations of your life
  • The things you hold onto when all else fails
  • They are lived out as the way you behave
  • They are experienced by you as the way you want to be in the here and now

Values are the states of being that I want to experience, for example:
Love – Happiness
Success – Caring for others
Giving – Listening

Values are also states of being that I do not want to experience, for example:

Being rejected – Being disliked
Being misunderstood – Being lonely
Being poor

Why it is important…
You need to understand your values because they determine your behaviour to a large extent.
What you need to know…
If you live your life in a constant fear of being in a state you do not want to be in – you will behave in a different way to that if you lived your life trying to achieve those states you do want to experience.

So here is a little exercise to help you find out your:

Describe what really motivates you, in order of importance: e.g. happiness, success, relationships, helping others. (these are your values). How do you behave to help you to achieve these:
Describe what really de-motivates you in order of importance: e.g. rejection, criticism, fear of failure. How you behave to avoid these:
Next steps…
Look at these – think about them deeply – make firm commitments to yourself to make changes necessary in your priorities and behaviours that will help you move towards where you want to be.

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