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Top 10 Graduation Gifts

Posted on 21 August 2008

The flood of gifts and money generally following one’s college graduation is fast approaching. You know what you want. But does anyone else? Does your aging aunt, who for weeks has been haunting local stationary shops for the perfect gift with which to commemorate your grand academic achievement? Probably not.

Traditional gifts such as watches and fountain pens have lost their appeal for the tech-hungry youth of today. So how do you drop the hint without running the risk of seeming ungrateful? Simple. Refer your loved ones to the following results of eGrad’s nationwide poll in which soon-to-be-grads gave their ideal and worst imaginable graduation presents. Print it out and leave it in a strategic place. When a loved one asks about it, nonchalantly broach the subject and express interest in your gift of choice. Steer them in the right direction.

Here then, are the lists.

Top 10 Graduation Gifts

  1. Trip to Europe
  2. Laptop computer
  3. iPod
  4. Flat-screen, plasma television
  5. DVD player
  6. Tivo
  7. Digital camera
  8. Six month student loan repayment
  9. One-year gym membership
  10. Car

Honorable mentions: Airline tickets, gift certificates, jewelry.

Worst Graduation Gifts

  1. Paper Weight
  2. Pen
  3. Tie clip
  4. Money clip
  5. Desk clock
  6. Photo album
  7. Picture frame
  8. Food basket
  9. Daily planner
  10. Flowers

Of course, whether or not they’ll actually buy you anything remains to be seen – ingrate!

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  1. Photo Albums says:

    Nice list! I’m a little surprised that photo albums is on your worst gifts list. I think they can be a nice gift. Also, I would rank car as number one.

  2. Website says:

    What a fun post, although I think the top 10 gifts could do with a few more affordable gadget gifts on it. In today’s economy who can really afford to give their child a car upon graduation?!

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