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Time Management

Posted on 08 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
You can’t manage time!
What you can manage is what you do!
Why it is important…
The outcome of what you do is directly related to your success – and this is important to you!

Being successful is about:

  • How well you understand what needs to be done.
  • How skilled you are at doing it.
  • How motivated you are to do it.

For example – you have a project to do: How well do you understand what needs to be done? How capable are you of doing what needs to be done? How motivated are you to do it?

What you need to know…
Time management – or managing what you do is about the balance you place between:

  1. Doing the things that are urgent and need to be done immediately (important)
  2. Doing things that are important but do not need to be done now.
  3. Doing things that are urgent but not really important.
  4. Doing things that are neither urgent nor important.

Every single thing you do will be found in one of these four categories. The key from now on is to make decisions on what to do based on your fundamental purpose. What you are here to accomplish should determine where you put the emphasis on what you do.

Spending all your time in 1. is simply crisis management – or firefighting. Spending time in 2. is where you need to be – getting the important things done in good time so things don’t just pile up and start to stress you out. 3 and 4 are literally a waste of your time. If it is not imporant – get rid of it from your life.

Where is your leisure time? You’ve got it – it is in 2. – You need leisure to recharge your energies – which you need to do the things that are important and part of your purpose in life – so leisure is in 2. Make sure you take it in good time and so avoid finding you are desperate for a break but because it is now in 1. – you have no time….

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  1. Kell says:

    Great article. I really think that setting goals is the key to living an effective (rather than efficient) life. By projecting yourself 6 months into the future and determining what is important to you, you can develop a plan of your work, and then work your plan. I find this helps me to avoid the tyranny of the urgent and allows me to focus on the important things to me.

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