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Taking the Test for Grad School


No matter which grad school test you plan on taking, you can always use a leg up. Here’s a list of practical tips to increase mental acuity while keeping unwanted stress to a minumum.

Test Day Tips

  • Leave early, leaving yourself plenty of time. Read something to warm up your brain; you don’t want the test to be the first written material your brain tries to assimilate that day.
  • Wear whatever you feel most comfortable studying or testing in. (i.e. maximize the testing environment.) Layers are a good idea–you never know how hot or cold the room might be.
  • In traveling to the test center, leave yourself enough time for traffic or mass transit delays.
  • Be ready for a long day. Total testing time, remember, is three and a half hours. When you add the administrative paperwork, the research section, a possible experimental section, and the 10-minute break, you’re looking at an experience of up to 4 1/2 hours.
  • It’s also best to practice using a timing routine that you’ll follow during the real test, so that keeping track of time of Test Day is second nature.
  • Don’t get bogged down in the middle of any section. You may find questions that appear later to be more to your liking. So don’t freak. Eliminate answer choices, guess, and go on.
  • Confidence is key. Accentuate the positives, and don’t dwell on the negatives! Your attitude and outlook are crucial to your performance on test day.