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Suggestions to Remember Spelling Rules


There are many spelling rules that can be remembered with mnemonics. One that most of you probably know is: i before e, except after c. Here are some more that will help you:

1) For words that end in -ould: O U Lucky Duck
2) For words that end in -ight: I Go Home Today
3) For remembering that words ending in “y” have a long “i” sound at the end: I’m a little word you see, I don’t have any vowels in me. How can I make a sound? I’ll use the “Y” and I’ll be proud. I’m a “Y”, I’m a “Y”, and I say “I”.
4) For remembering the sound that a “g” or “c” makes: If after a “g” you see an “e”, or an “i”, or a “y”. Make the “g” say “j”, “j”, “j”. You give it a try. If after a “c” you see “e”, or an “i”, or a “y”. Make the “c” say “s”, “s”, “s”. You give it a try.
5) Principle or Principal? The Principal is your PAL.
6) Stationary or Stationery? Don’t forget to put your StationEry in an Envelope.
7) Don’t beLIEve everything you hear, because it might be a LIE.
8) Because – the a-u are in alphabetical order.
9) know, knew – words of Knowledge.
10) t here , w here – words of location. It isn’t here, it’s there. Where is it? Here it is.
11) Go bUy an Umbrella. Good-byE – until the Evening
12) We are ALL ALLowed to stay up late. You can probably think of many more mnemonics to help you. Give it a try, and remember to be creative!!