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Health Care Questions to Consider


Still unsure whether you should be choosing a managed care or an indemnity plan? Ask yourself a few key questions to arrive at a decision.

Do you travel a lot?

Does your health plan need to cover you when you are away from home or on an extended vacation? If so, an indemnity plan will offer greater flexibility to meet your healthcare needs. For managed care plans, check that coverage options exist when you are out of the reach of a physician or hospital within the managed care system.

Is it important for you to be able to use a specific brand of prescription medication?

Managed care plans may stipulate the prescription of generic drugs for medical treatment. If you require a particular brand, check with the insurer to determine out-of-pocket expenses you could incur if your brand is not covered or partially covered by the plan.

Is it important for you to be able to see a specialist without a referral from a primary care physician?

Most managed care plans require a referral, so an indemnity plan would be a better option.

Is it important for you to be able to choose any physician or hospital for your care, even if it will cost more?

Again, most managed care plans require that you use physicians and hospitals within the network, limiting your choices. However, you will find that most plans offer a wide selection of general practitioners, specialists and hospitals. If you do have strong feelings about a particular hospital or physician, check if they are part of the managed care network. If not, you’ll want to consider an indemnity option.