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Posted on 10 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
Revision is a project if ever there was one! So much to do, so little time – hey, we’ve all been there! But it is a project isn’t it – it has a beginning, middle and with luck an end – the exam. So treat it just the same.
Why it is important…
We all know why it’s important. It’s HOW you do it that really matters.
What you need to know…
  • Just spending all your time into the early hours of the morning surrounded by books and notes is not a happy place to be for most people.
  • The key thing to remember is you have only got a short amount of time in each question to show the examiner that you understand the main points of the subject well.
  • The absolute first thing your mind needs is an overview of the subject – rather like the index of a book or a website. Once you have this, you can start to add the important facts you need to remember for the exam. It’s a bit like the human skeleton – all the rest of our body hangs on that – so get a good understanding of the “bones” of the subject – you can use mind mapping to help you.
The next steps…
Develop your revision strategy:

  1. Objectives: What are my revision objectives – be specific – which subjects & subject areas?
  2. Priorities: What are the priorities – which subject areas are most important?
  3. Topics: What are they key topics I must know about?
  4. Time plan: How can I plan my schedule to make sure I spend enough time in each key area?

It all sounds very straight forward – and it is – it is just doing it that is the harder bit – go to it and good luck!!

PS and remember – work 40 minute blocks with 20 minutes off – that way you actually get to remember what you revised and don’t overload your brain!!

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