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Relocation: Consider all the facts

Posted on 06 November 2008

Your search on has turned up an excellent job lead. This is the job you’ve been waiting for! However, it’s clear across the country. Have you ever considered relocating? How will it affect your career and family?

Determining Your Priorities

Your home and career life are firmly planted. Is it fair to ask everyone to uproot their lives for the sake of your career?

Ask yourself these questions in order to gauge what is most important:

  • Will this position be more beneficial for my family in regard to income and benefits?
  • Will the part of the country we’re moving be beneficial to our family?
  • Will the kids be able to adjust to moving?
  • Will my spouse be able to find a new job or a better job?
  • Is taking this position essential for furthering my career? Or can I pass it up?
  • What is there to gain by moving? To lose?
  • After a lot of soul-searching and discussions with your family, you should be a lot closer to a decision.
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