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Re-Creating Your Life

Posted on 13 April 2009

Now is the perfect time to realize that dream.

Has the school calendar of your youth hardwired you into seeing this as the time for new beginnings? If you yearn for a new job, a career change, or maybe even a total life makeover, now is by far the best time to act. It’s possible to make a sweeping change and still find time for fun. Here are a few ways you can use the rest of the year to grow a dream.

Catch a Falling Star
When my best friend Elaine and I weren’t building forts or skipping rope, we could be found lying beneath a shady tree or a star-filled sky. These weren’t idle pursuits. We were flexing our imaginations. Reflective moments are made for dreaming. It’s the perfect time to gaze upward, look inward, and imagine what could be.

Grow a Dream Garden
Look within and you may find the seeds of a dream planted long ago. Left untended, dreams will fail to sprout. This is the ideal time to cultivate our dreams both old and new. Start with good soil. What is it you care deeply about? What makes you happy? What do you want your life to look like? Now get rid of the weeds–the lame excuses, apathy, self-doubt, and fear. These come from a lack of information. Tend to your dreams and watch them grow.

The word “recreation” literally means to re-create; and what better way to spend your time than recreating your life!

Read a Real Thriller
Leave that romance novel or who-done-it mystery on the shelf. Instead, treat your life like the adventure that it is by picking up a real thriller like Paul and Sarah Edwards’ The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook or Suzanne Willis Zoglio’s Create a Life That Tickles Your Soul. If you already have a new direction in mind, take this time to read up on that exciting new career.

Invest in Your Dream
Save both money and time by spending any vacation time at home. Do the kinds of things that a tourist on a budget might do: go on a picnic, head to a museum, take a day trip. Stash the money you would have spent on a more costly vacation into a dream fund. Use your savings to take career-expanding classes, buy a snappy new interview outfit, or even start your own business. If your dream includes relocating, then hit the road and treat your vacation as an exciting research expedition.

Ease Into a New Job
With all the overlapping work schedules, many organizations operate in a somewhat more relaxed mode at this time of year. The “trial by fire” period for new hires is apt to be a little less trying. If you’ve been putting off a job move until next year, keep in mind that the slower pace makes now a great time to learn the ropes–before the workplace launches into fiscal overdrive.

Re-creating your life is about making choices. What choices are you willing to make to grow your dream?

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