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Posted on 20 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
“Scarier than parachuting” – and that can be scary! But seriously folks – presentations are adrenaline filled experiences – especially the first times you do them. Standing up in front of people who are making judgmental assessments of you is not fun – until you get the hang of it…
Why it is important…
In life, when you need to get something from someone – you ask nicely or write a letter. When you need to pass a project – you may need to make a presentation. When you are working and need to persuade people or a person senior to you – you might make a presentation. Good presentation = good marks, the answer “yes” … and sometimes even money (from a boss, the bank etc.).
What you need to know…
The trick is to remember – you know more than they do!! Whether you do or not – you have to believe that. Why? It’s obvious! If you know more about the subject than they do – guess who is in control – YOU are. So how does that happen – it’s easy – do the research, practice the presentation, rehearse it and remember – there are more things in life to worry about than presentations – they are all part of the game! Most of the time people are not listening to you but watching your body language, your dress, your confidence – so look smart, smile – be confident and enjoy the experience – you’ll soon get the hang of it.
The next steps…
Always rehearse – and then rehearse again and then once more to be sure…

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  1. Get Applause Now says:

    Practice, practice, practice.

    One way of being a better Public Speaker tomorrow is to practice today – something I learned from the World Champion of Public Speaking.

    Great post, great advice.



  2. Peter Bowler says:

    Your emphasis on preparation and practice is so important for a good presentation. When you are fully familiar with your presentation your confidence will increase and your nerves disappear.
    Presentation Skills

  3. Simon - presentation skills training, UK says:

    Interesting point to note here – people seem to be assuming practicing and rehearsing are the same thing – but they’re not! Ask any actor, muso or dancer… Rehearsing is a process and it includes practice but there’s more to it than that.


  4. S at Communication Skills Activities says:

    I think it’s all about overpreparing. Know your topic. Practice until you practically know it by heart. Visualize having gone through it again and again until it’s almost real to you.

    But still there is no way around having to face your fear. Come to terms with the worst case scenario and then just forge ahead knowing it will almost certainly be much better than that.

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