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Part Two: From 9 to 5…There are alternatives

Posted on 30 October 2008

You’ve read about the different types of work options. You are excited about the possibility of working at home. But how do you convince your boss? Read on for tips on how to convince him or her to give your proposal the stamp of approval.

Before you approach your boss

Self evaluate yourself to determine if you are a good candidate to work from home.


  • Are you trustworthy, hard working, and a committed employee? These are all key ingredients to getting approval. An employee with these characteristics is more likely to receive approval, because they can be trusted to work at home.
  • How long have you been on the job? If you haven’t been on the job very long, it might be best to hold off on asking to work at home until you’ve got some time under your belt. If you are in the process of negotiating a job offer, you may want to ask for flex-time as part of your package.
  • Does your job function allow flexibility? You’ll want to consider each of the work options as they relate to your day-to-day tasks.
  • Have you ever had disciplinary problems? If so, it may be very difficult for you to get approval to work at home. If you surf the net, make personal calls, or do non-work related tasks on company time, you may want to clean up your act. Not only to get approval to work at home, but to save your job!
  • Will you be productive at home? Some people need to have a boss within walking distance to keep their momentum up. If you feel you are the type of person who needs to be in an office environment, working at home may not work for you.How to Convince Your Boss

    You’ve made an honest assessment of yourself and determined you are good material for working at home. Now it’s time to approach your manager. Many managers think in traditional ways. They don’t want their employees working out of the environment that they are comfortable with. How can you convince them?

    First, you can give them information on alternative work arrangements. This may help them to be more comfortable. You may want to go on-line to find articles on other companies who have had success with flex options.

    Second, work out an agreement on what specifically you will accomplish at home. By having a list of objectives to accomplish, your boss will know that you will stay on schedule with your projects.

    Third, be flexible about switching your days at home, when important events or meetings arise. This will show your employer you are serious about the job.

    Fourth, give your boss a specific time you will check in every day.

    Fifth, send a work progress e-mail at the end of the day. This way your boss knows what you have accomplished.

    It’s important to give your boss some time to think about your proposal. Some bosses may take you up on your offer, while others will decline. If they say no, don’t be discouraged! As employers become more familiar with these new types of work arrangements, it will become easier to get approval for your own work at home arrangement.

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    1. Resume Tips says:

      Good tips Khan: “Fourth, give your boss a specific time you will check in every day” and “Fifth, send a work progress e-mail at the end of the day. This way your boss knows what you have accomplished.”

      These are two of the most important issues to cover when making your case. Because you will no longer have a presence in the office, it is important to let your boss know that you will check in daily and submit a progress report at the end of the day. Not only will this let him know that you are getting the job done (if not more), but it also helps build confidence in the arrangement. Soon, he may not require daily check-ins or progress reports because you have already proven that you can do an excellent job working from home.

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