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New Stay At Home Mom Tips

Posted on 26 October 2008

It’s what you’ve been waiting for a long time. Being able to wake up and not have to rush around getting the kids ready for school and you ready for work. Becoming a new stay at home mom, especially after years of working, can take some adjusting. Here are some tips to ease the adjustment.

Tip 1: Stay on a schedule

While you aren’t working anymore, consider keeping your day planner and planning out your day and week. It will give you a sense of accomplishment to see what you are getting done.

Tip 2: Don’t pile on the projects

Household projects, especially ones that have gotten put off because of lack of time, can eat up any free time you have. Focus on the necessary projects first and work on the others later.

Tip 3: Stay in touch with past employers

If you left your job on good terms, consider letting them know that you are open to freelance work. This could be a good way to maintain contacts in the work world, while bringing in some extra money for music lessons, sports, Christmas shopping or mad money for your own personal spending.

Tip 4: Get out of the house

Be sure to get out of the house, at least once every few days. Grab coffee with a friend, window shop at the mall, check out the new books at the library, take your child to a class like Gymboree. Getting out of the house will keep any feeling of cabin fever from creeping in.

Tip 5: Consider volunteering

Your child’s school or your church would love to have help with fundraisers, field trips and other events. It’s also a great way to meet other stay at home moms!

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