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Marketing Your Way to a Better Career

Posted on 11 October 2008

An often overlooked career strategy is marketing yourself. No longer can you rely on your employer to pave the way for your future career success. While marketing often takes guts and savvy sales ability, everyone can learn to market themselves. Here’s how to get started!


Resumes have been the standard way to advertise one’s abilities and experience. Have you updated your resume recently? An easy way to keep on top of resume updates is to keep a job journal. A job journal lists the projects you’ve worked on, the dates of completion, and the outcome of the projects. Not only will keeping this journal boost your confidence, it will help you stay organized. Also consider having a resume expert look over your resume and make suggestions on how to improve it.


Artists and graphic designers aren’t the only ones who need a portfolio. Inside your portfolio be sure to include awards, your resume, references, and project details. Show off your creativity and individuality with your portfolio!

Business Cards

Even if your employer has given you business cards, have some of your own printed! Include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, web site address and a brief description of what you do. The more unique the card, the more the recipient will remember you. A very helpful and easy way to create and order your business cards is by using Not only can you design your cards online, they will be shipped right to your door! For the more adventurous types, head over to your local Kinko’s, ( Design ideas and prices can be found by paging through their business card books.


An essential part of marketing yourself is networking. While some may view it as shameless self-promotion, sometimes it truly is who you know, not what you know. So how do you comfortably go about it? An easy way is to casually network with co-workers. If you know that Sally Smith’s husband is a web designer and you have been looking to get into web design, get to know her and drop a hint that you are interested in that career path. Remember that networking is as much giving as it is receiving. When you receive a contact name or useful information, be sure to give back to your network partner. Whether it’s a contact’s name or an article, they’ll appreciate it. As you accumulate networking partners, keep their contact information organized.

Web site

Are you technically inclined and have a knack for design? You may consider creating your own web site to showcase your resume and accomplishments. Webmonkey ( has some excellent HTML tutorials to help you learn the basics of web design. You may also want to purchase software, such as Microsoft Frontpage, which makes it easy to create your homepage.

Career Fairs

Career fairs aren’t only for job seekers, but also for those who are perfectly content in their current jobs! Armed with resumes, a smile and dressed in your best suit, go prepared to network. Career fairs are the perfect time for honing your interviewing skills and learning more about the competition. They are also a great way to keep current on industry trends.

With a little work and creativity, your marketing skills will pay off. Whether it is in the form of a raise, promotion, or a better job, let your value, experience, and skills shine!

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