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Posted on 19 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
In simple terms, you can think of leaders taking a longer term view – looking into the future and thinking “why” and managers being more preoccupied with the present and focusing on the “how”.
Why it is important…
If you find yourself in a leadership/management role, it is useful to have some ideas about what that role could involve. You will then be better able to make a positive contribution to the other team members.
What you need to know…
Research into this area gives us some indications as follows:

Managers tend to… ???? Leaders tend to…
Ask “how?”????? Wonder “why?”
See complexity???? See simplicity
Are sceptical????? Are optimistic
Think logically???? Think laterally
Consider dangers???? Sense opportunities
Plan?????? Experiment
Design incremental strategies??? Lay out sweeping strategies
Follow versions???? Pursue visions
Pursue the tangible???? Seek the intangible
Refine?????? Revolutionise
Concentrate on short term results?? Seek long-term results
Inhabit the present???? Reside in the future
Scrutinise performance??? Search for potential
Wield authority???? Apply influence
Like formality????? Prefer informality
Smooth????? Confront & challenge
Instruct????? Inspire
Yearn for stability???? Thrive on chaos

In reality – these are extremes and most people tend to operate within the spectrum depending on the situation – in other words – sometimes you will be clearly adopting a “leadership” style and at other times more “managerial”.

The next steps…
Take a look at what you are doing and see if any of the above gives you encouragement, insight or challenges the way you are approaching things… good luck and enjoy!

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