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Keys To a Successful Writing Career

Posted on 12 November 2008

Being a writer is not easy. Writers have to endure rejection, getting ignored and writer’s block. But for those who have a passion for writing, it is all worth it. So how does one sail through the hard times and stay successful? Here are some tips I’ve gathered from other writers.

~ Stay focused. The worst thing a writer can do is focus on the rejections. For 20 queries they send out, maybe only one will be accepted. With writing, quantity and quality of queries is key.

~ Keep writing. It’s easy, especially in the summer, to get side-tracked by sunny days, TV, cleaning house or relaxing outside. Having a set time each day is crucial to selling articles and keeping the ideas flowing.

~ Know yourself. Only you know what type of writing you like to do. If you are into non-fiction, stick with what you know, but don’t be afraid to venture into fiction, such as writing a short story or a poem.

~ Be organized. A clean, organized desk (and computer desktop), is essential for keeping in order queries that have gone out, the responses, writing projects that are in progress, etc. Writers need a 4-drawer filing cabinet, desk with space for not only a computer, but writing space, good lighting, and a comfortable chair.

~ Keep in contact. Having connections to editors and business owners is essential to keep the writing coming. Whether you organize the info in your e-mail contact list or use a paper Rolodex, keep it all organized and stay in touch with your contacts on a regular basis.

~ Get to know other writers. They are not only great to lean on in tough times, but to offer suggestions, overflow work or help you with a project. Writing can be a lonely job, it’s good to have friends!

~ Take a break. Don’t be afraid to take a few days off from writing, as well.

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    As a freelance/contract writer, taking a break is probably one of the hardest things to do. You fear you may miss something or worse, lose money. Fortunately, taking a few hours or even a day off won’t kill you. It can actually benefit your business. Relaxing and recharging can help prevent burnout and you may return to your desk feeling more energetic. This means you will be more productive and less likely to make mistakes or questionable decisions. It really doesn’t matter what you do on your off day, just enjoy it to the fullest. You will definitely return the next day with a fresh, new attitude.

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