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Posted on 13 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
So you have decided to let someone else pay you (as opposed to starting your own business). That is good – they will hopefully train you, give you the opportunities you seek and allow you to develop in those areas you want to.
Why it is important…
It may sound obvious – but not every employer has your needs at the top of their list – they may well have their needs first – which means you may end up doing something you do not enjoy.
What you need to know…
Here are just some of the things you need to think about:

  1. How long has this organisation been in existence – what is their track record of success
  2. What sort of culture has it got – aggressive, meritocratic “you’re as good as your last result”, “mistakes cost”, excellent or archaic, not up with the times at all, in need of a major sort out – or somewhere in between?
  3. What is it like to work there – talk to someone of your own age and experience there.
  4. Do they have a plan for developing you over the next 1 – 3 years at least?

In other words – don’t let some smooth talking executive con you into a lousy job you will want to get out of in two months time!

The next steps…
Start looking!

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