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Posted on 15 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
So you have planned your job search, written and sent off your CV and now successfully secured an interview – well done!! Now comes the next most important step – preparing for the interview, attending the interview and following up after the interview.
Why it is important…
Just remember the ‘Six P’s':
” Poor preparation and planning prevents pretty poor performance”
What you need to know…
Preparation and planning:

  • Research the organisation you are going to be interviewed by – who are they, what do they do, where do they do it, how do they do it, why do they do it etc. You will find information in libraries. They will expect you to know about them. You could contact the person who has invited you for the interview and ask if they could send you some relevant information. If you think that may not be appropriate, contact the HR or Public Relations department, tell them you are attending an interview and ask them to send you what you think you need.
  • Research the job/position. Having researched the organisation, you need to have a good idea about what the job involves. You may never have done it before – e.g. being a sales person (a good place to learn about many industries), being employed in an engineering company, hospital etc. Try to find out what people do in the job you are applying for! Then you can at least ask intelligent questions and show yourself as someone who is interested and has tried to find out as much as they can.
  • Research your CV! You will need to be able to talk about everything on your CV and also things not on it. Be ready to give examples of what you have done, experienced, achieved etc. Talking about real things you have done is much more convincing than talking about theories you have learned! “Speak from the knowing in your heart before you talk from the learning in your head!” (ancient saying).
The next steps…
Start preparing and ask a reliable friend to read your draft CV and comment on it (if you dare!) Good luck and good hunting.

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  1. Resume Tips says:

    Some good advice here!

    Another tip: conduct a mock interview. Have a friend or coach interview you for the job. This gives you a chance to practice answering questions and to get comfortable talking about yourself. Your “interviewer” should give you feedback not only on your answers but how you presented yourself–did you make eye contact, did your body language convey interest, did you appear comfortable and professional?

    If you can’t find someone to help with this, practice in front of a mirror. Remember that the goal is not to have rehearsed answers but to make sure that you put your best self forward.

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