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Interpersonnel skills

Posted on 17 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
Interpersonal skills are about communicating with other people – the way you talk, your body language – the way you look at other people, smile etc.
Why it is important…
You need to get things done in life – often through and with other people. Just being friends is not sometimes enough – you may not be someone’s friend first off – or ever – but you may still need to work with them.
What you need to know…
People are amazing things – they take in more with their eyes than ears sometimes – it is often not the words but the way you say them that people hear. So all this stuff about interpersonal skills is really about being “real” – that is the first point. Secondly, LISTEN – it is often much more effective to listen first before speaking than to try to get the other person to understand you first.
The next steps…
Relax! You are OK – just let people get to know you for who you are – and if, surprise, surprise, you don’t like everything about yourself – join the club – nobody is perfect! There are lots of interesting models and techniques for improving your interpersonal skills – there is always acting school – but mostly just accept the way God made you and try to be the best you can – then you won’t need to worry about “interpersonal skills” – you will be just doing fine!

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