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How to Boost Your Web Site’s Stickiness Factor

Posted on 07 November 2008

The saying goes “You attract more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar.” The same is true with web sites. By providing the “honey” to your web site visitors, they’ll be more likely to stick with your web site. This will result in increased profits and exposure for your business.

However, creating an effective web site is not as easy as coding paragraphs in HTML and adding a few pictures. Before the creation part of your web site even begins, you need to know the do’s and don’ts of building web sites and how to keep visitors coming back.

Do: Map Out What Your Web Site’s Goals

Although you may be eager to join the rest of your colleagues on the Internet, take the time to jot down what you want your web site to accomplish, how you’ll build the site, a rough layout of the site, the colors you prefer, what information you want to include, etc. To get more ideas on building your site, go to other resume writer’s web sites for ideas. Also, decide if you are going to build the web site or you’ll have someone else do it. While building it yourself may save some money, in the long run, you’ll save yourself time and headaches by working with a professional web designer.

Don’t: Jump in Without a Plan

As with many things in life, jumping in without a plan will result in lost time and aggravation.

Do: Provide valuable information & freebies to visitors

Visitors don’t appreciate having to read through marketing hype. While you want to sell resumes, cover letters and other services, being subtle goes a long way. Try including original career articles, job tips, informal surveys, recommended books & magazines and links to helpful articles. Your visitors will appreciate the effort you put into providing quality information and will be more likely to do business with you. Another idea is to offer a free resume consultation, give away a career book or Amazon gift certificate once a month.

Don’t: Hype it up

While you may feel coming on strong to your visitors will boost sales quicker, think again. Your potential customers don’t want to be bombarded with slick marketing copy. Most people prefer a straightforward approach. Simply tell them what you offer and why your service is valuable.

Do: Keep it classy

When the Internet became a big deal in the late 1990’s, flashy logos, jumping cartoon characters, and blinking letters were all the rage among novice web designers. Now, those types of web sites just annoying people. Stay with classic colors, traditional fonts (Times New Roman, Arial), a few well-placed photos or graphics, and keep the copy broken up into readable chunks. A good guideline to follow- How would you design a resume? You’d use a classic paper color and style, a readable font, and plenty of white space (but not too much).

Don’t: Use every web site tool known to man

While it may be tempting to experiment with Flash and other web design tools, keep it simple. Also, stick with two or three fonts and colors per page to keep the site looking consistent.

Do: Update your web site regularly

Broken links, outdated information and pages that don’t work will turn your visitors to other sources of information. Once a week, read every page, test every link and add and delete information as necessary. Every few months, change your site a little, with new photos, colors, articles, and information.

Don’t: Forget about your web site

While some types of marketing, like business cards, can be ignored until an address or phone change occurs, your web site cannot be ignored. Remember, taking a few minutes will keep your web site fresh and your business credibility intact.

Also, be sure to include your url on your business cards, stationary, yellow pages listing, e-mail signature, and promotional items, such as pens and notepads.

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    Great tip — “Don’t: Hype it up.” “Slick” almost always translates to “what are they trying to hide?” Straightforward is always better. Potential customers are more interested in honesty and trustworthiness than empty hype.

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