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Have These on Hand: Essential New Parent Needs

Posted on 10 October 2008

Frozen dinners, check. Phone card for the hospital, check. Your list of items to buy and pack is almost complete! However, it seems that no matter how much one plans, a necessary item is overlooked! Here are a few of the items that are very useful to have on hand.

  • Baby bottlesWhile many new moms decide they are going to breastfeed, it sometimes doesn’t work out. Just in case, have a set of 4 oz bottles on hand, with slow-flow nipples for age 0-3 months. Eventually, you’ll need to move up to 8 oz bottles and 3+ month nipples.
  • FormulaWhen the formula coupons and samples start arriving in the mail, don’t throw them out! Hang on to them in case you decide to use them. Formula keeps for a long time too and the expiration date is printed on the canister.

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  • Electric or manual breastpumpA few days after giving birth, many new mothers face engorgement. This common condition can result in hard, sore breasts that are difficult for the baby to latch on. Just in case, rent or buy a breast pump. You’ll be glad you did! It will save you the trouble of running to the store.
  • DiapersBefore the baby arrives, stock up on 3 or 4 packages of diapers. Huggies sends out coupons on a regular basis and many stores have Huggies sales. You may also want to try generic diapers, such as White Cloud. Walmart sells White Cloud diapers for much less than other brands.

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  • BackpackA backpack is essential for carrying around baby needs, such as outfits, bottles, diapers and wipes. It is easier to put on a backpack and carry the baby carrier, than try and balance a baby and diaper bag! Eddie Bauer sells sturdy, well-made backpacks.
  • Nursing PadsStick with buying nursing pads with sticky backs. Cloth nursing pads and those without sticky adhesive can bunch up or move, leaving you with a wet shirt!
  • Mirror for your carOne overlooked purchase is a mirror for the car. Infants, up to age 1, need to be in a rear-facing car seat. Babiesrus, sells a car mirror which can be securely attached with a safety pin. Cheaper mirrors, which are attached with adhesive, can fall off.
  • Bottles of waterNew moms are always very thirsty. Whether it is from breastfeeding or taking care of baby, it sure can work up a thirst! Keep bottles of water or a pitcher in the fridge at all times.
  • A Box for MailYou’ll be surprised how fast mail piles up. Catalogs, bills and more will compete for your attention. Keep your mail in one box and go through it in your spare time.
  • Diaper rash creamEven with diligent diaper changing, babies still can get diaper rash. It’s essential to keep a tube on hand!
  • Paper towelsFrom spills to baby spit up, this overlooked necessity will come in handy!
  • Lots of filmStock up on film and camera batteries. The first few days at home you’ll want to be recovering at home and enjoying your baby, not running errands!
  • Fast food and take out menus and couponsWhen you get sick of frozen meals, you’ll have a stack of menus to choose your next meal! Also, consider asking family and friends for fast food and restaurant gift cards and certificates! It makes a great baby shower gift!
  • A stocked pantry with easy to prepare foodsSimple meals can include macaroni and cheese, ravioli, hot dogs, cereal, pancakes, eggs, or soup. Even if you normally don’t use convenience food items, you may find they are especially useful now.
  • Master phone listType up a list of phone numbers of family, friends, doctor, hospital, pharmacy and others. Keep one on the fridge and make copies for family.
  • A working carA car that runs is essential for new parents. A month before the baby’s arrival, take the car in for an inspection, oil change and have any necessary maintenance work completed.
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