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Give Fate a Nudge with Online Dating

Posted on 30 September 2008

Sorry folks, but after you leave college finding the perfect mate is just going to get harder. Given the easy, instant and relatively safe access that the Internet provides, it’s no surprise that online dating services are attracting millions of people looking for love or some fun flirting. If you’ve never tried it, here’s what you need to know. First of all, pick a site that suits you. There are literally hundreds of dating sites out there that cater to all types of interests, religions and sexual persuasions. Here are a few to get you started. is the largest online dating service and caters to everyone due to its sheer size. It has 8 million registrants across 30 different sites around the world in 18 different languages. You can do free searches and take advantage of various tools short of being able to contact anyone. enables you to refine your search with free personality and physical attraction tests. “Venus” also conducts auto searches with results emailed daily or weekly. does a good job of policing their site – each profile is checked for dirty pictures or foul language before it is posted.

Yahoo Personals has a large membership with profiles that are regularly updated. They offer free searches and an Advanced Search feature enabling you to select matches based on up to 8 different criteria including body type, eye color, income level and interests. You can also conduct keyword searches and results may be emailed weekly, daily or otherwise. is the largest Jewish singles network with 500,000 registered members, 15,000 new members joining each month and it’s free to create a personal profile, post photos and search for members. is a dating site for “conservative American singles” so if you’re searching for someone who leans more to the right, this is the place for you. differentiates itself by offering a service that tries to match singles that are soul mates and “compatible not just on the surface.” If you have the patience to fill in a lengthier questionnaire, this might be for you.

Protect Your Safety While Having Fun

While online dating services offer a fun and secure environment to meet other singles, it’s important to use sound judgment and be responsible. In both the virtual and real worlds, common sense is your best safety tool.

Start slow

Watch out for someone who seems too good to be true. Begin by communicating solely via Instant Messenger or email, then look for odd behavior or inconsistencies. Trust your instincts. If anything makes you uncomfortable, walk away for your own safety and protection.

Guard your anonymity

Never include your last name, email address, home address, phone number, place of work or any other identifying information in your profile or initial messages.

Exercise caution and common sense

Careful, thoughtful decisions generally yield better dating results. Take all the time you need to test for a trustworthy person and if you suspect someone is lying, he or she probably is, so act accordingly.

Request a photo

If all you hear are excuses about why you can’t see a photo, consider that he or she has something to hide. And try and make sure the photo is a recent one, as you’d be surprised at how many people send pictures that are 10 or more years old!

Meet in a safe place

When you choose to meet offline, always tell a friend where you are going and when you will return. Leave your date’s name and telephone number with your friend. Never arrange for your date to pick you up at home. Provide your own transportation, meet in a public place at a time with many people around, and when the date is over, leave on your own as well.

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  1. Guide on Dating says:

    Online dating sites are a grat place to meet people. But for alot of guys and girls its the actual act of dating that is so difficult. I have always encouraged people to get out there and meet new people and become better at socializing so that they can be better at dating.

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  3. Katie says:

    On line dating is a safer alternative to meet people, than a night out on the town. I have used dating sites for 2 years now and come across, and made some fantastic friends. All from the comfort of my own home. I use its 100% free to join and use and I have never being asked to provide credit card details. So my advice would be. If you intend to join an online dating site than use one that’s free. This way you can gain experience and test the waters without having to pay a cent.

  4. caribbean single says:

    I agree with katie, online dating is more safer than going a date nowadays. There are people who likes to take advantage of a certain situation. So, for me as a caribbean lady i prefer to browse dating sites. I found a very nice dating site which is the – offers the best features that are wrapped up in a very friendly user setting.

  5. Evan Chase says:

    Dont forget the free online dating site, plenty of fish dot com! They are now officially the largest online dating site in the US.


  6. free dating service says:

    Nice tips there.It really is important to still keep your personal details private.Many sad stories have happened because of over trusting people with your personal info.

  7. black dating says:

    Since online dating popularity is increasing it’s already an S.O.P for you who are joining that you need to trust only those who can be trusted. Always have safety precautions. One of the safest place you can be is in filipinas.

  8. the magic of making up says:

    Dating sites are not always the answer but you can definitely find love there. Just be safe. If you are not over your ex yet you may want to try and get them back first.

  9. dating agency professionals says:

    Excellent list of sites and the advice you’ve given about online dating is very helpful – especially for those just starting out. Dating online is hard enough with so many sites out there – so it makes sense to aim for a more specialized site – like one for dating professionals for example.

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  11. Free Dating says:

    Live Date Match Features
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  12. caribbean singles says:

    a perfect mate is really hard to find but as soon as you open up your heart to all the possibilities, you will have it… that is why we have to have fate for the right one to come along…

  13. Online Dating says:

    Thanks for the info.! I’ve tried, Yahoo! Personals, and got rejected by, lol. (Talk about “really not helping”) ;)

    Maybe we could compile lists of actual reviews from actual customers of these places. Seems I’ve found a place or two that actually does that, but I think more is needed for us online.


  14. How To Flirt With A Girl says:

    Very solid tips here Khan. You really have to exercise extreme precautions when meeting people online. There are a lot of sexual predators lurking around chat rooms and forums. Girls should be educated when it comes to online dating to avoid traumatic experiences. I’ll be sure to share your article. Thanks for this Khan.

  15. How To Flirt With Women says:

    Really nice tips !
    I recomend to all ! I met there my wife, we have now 2 children and we are 10 years :))

    Very important tips is Start slow. I lost my girl few times for it.

    Thanks !

  16. Computer Forensics says:

    Thanks for the read khan. There are a few tools out there now for firefox that sends an ed-mail to the parent at work saying your daughter has accessed the internet, and is on so and so site.

  17. Andrew Wang says:

    Any online websites will require some due diligence and trail before coming to an indefinite answer on whether it works or not.

    To me, any social networking platform is just as good as a match date site.

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  18. Asian Dating sites says:

    You are right! There are many dating sites which is ready to guide in finding the right lifetime partner for you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience when you take the safety measures. So give your best shot. Happy love searching!

  19. Russian Brides says:

    I also agree with Kathy, online dating is safer than going to date now.

  20. nitric oxide supplements says:

    Excellent list of sites and the advice you’ve given about online dating is very helpful – especially for those just starting out. Dating online is hard enough with so many sites out there – so it makes sense to aim for a more specialized site – like one for dating professionals for example.

  21. Franko says:

    Being sort of shy to start talking to a girl I like, I find it much easier to do on line as the fear or rejection is much easier to bear when your anonymous.
    I’ve had great success dating online as you can take your time to really get to know the lady whereas in real life you can be physically attracted but when it comes to dealing with the personality I often get disappointed.
    So online dating is my first choice!

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