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Posted on 04 October 2008

What we are talking about here…
Just about everything you do in your studying you can call “a project” – whether it is revising for an exam or writing a report.
A “project” has a beginning, middle and end – simple! It may also involve you in research at any stage.
Why it is important…
By thinking in terms of projects – you force yourself to map out a route from where you are to where you are trying to get to. Work can be coming at you in all directions and so in order to avoid getting “blown away” by it all – let’s get organised!
What you need to know…
Phase 1: Definition – decide what you need to do and by when – map out a plan.

Phase 2: Research – get started! The sooner you start making some inroads into all this the sooner your unconscious mind can start working for you (see “Whole Brain Thinking”).

Phase 3: Analysis – doing the bulk of the work.

Phase 4: Conclusion – bringing it all together – finishing it off cleanly.

Next Steps…
Lets give you a helping hand here! Fill in the spaces with the different things you need to do in each phase for each project. You can make a separate schedule for each project or put them all on a single spreadsheet. Keep updating your plan week by week as you finish tasks and phases and new projects start. Keep a paper copy in your pocket at all times to remind you what you need to be doing. Have fun and enjoy!!

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