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Cut Your Living Expenses in Half!

Posted on 16 October 2008

We all need food, clothing, and shelter to survive. Wouldn’t it be nice to save on these expenses?

With a few adjustments, you can easily save money every month!

Save On Your Groceries

Saving on the weekly grocery bill can be a challenge, especially for large families. With life moving at such a fast-pace, relying on frozen food or take-out seems easier. There are ways to have that same convenience of pre-made food in your own kitchen and save money! For example, have you ever considered doubling your Sunday dinner to have a meal for later in the week? Or making your own pizza? Here are more tips!

- Get on the phone! Most companies have 800 numbers printed on their food packages. Give them a call to voice your comments and ask for a coupon!

- When there is a big sale, stock up on commonly used food items, such as chicken, spaghetti sauce, pasta soda, macaroni and cheese, cereal, soup, baking goods (flour, sugar, cake mixes). Save more by combining coupons with sales.

- Cook at home as much as possible.

- Plan a weekly menu around what you already have in your kitchen and what’s on sale that week.

- Instead of buying single serving packages, buy a large quantity and divide it into containers yourself.

- Become a coupon clipper and a rebate redeemer

- The Sunday paper is full of coupons- if there are a lot of coupons you will use, consider buying a second paper for more savings!

- For more coupons, check out magazines such as Family Circle, Woman’s Day, and Woman’s World

- Buy generic brands as much as possible

- Sign up for coupons and deals at your favorite food brands web site.

Tyson chicken, , sends out a recipe book, with coupons inside.

- Plant a garden or learn to fish!

- Plan more meatless dinners, such as pasta night or soup and chili night

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Save On Your Clothing

Buying clothing and shoes can put a strain on your budget. Have you ever thought of stocking up on clothing necessities, such as underwear and socks at end of season sales? Or waiting until your favorite store has a 25% off sale? For the past few months, retailers have been offering great deals to lure you into their stores. If you have been planning a purchase, take advantage of their sales and discounts! Here are more tips!

- Get on the mailing list of your favorite stores. For example, JcPenney sends out free catalogs and deals.

- Make the clothes and shoes we have last as long as possible. Learn to sew and hem old clothes to stretch them further.

- If it seems your children need new clothes all the time, consider swapping outgrown clothes with a friend or go to your local consignment shop to see what deals they have.

- Consider investing in a sewing machine and making clothes yourself.

- Stock up on basics, such as underwear and socks during back to school time.

- Shop at end of the season sales for great deals on clothes

- To decrease dry cleaning bills, try some of the new dry cleaning products in stores, such as Dryel.

- Buy clothing in neutral colors such as black, red, navy, white and khaki. It’s easier to mix and match outfits!

- Comparison shop online to find great deals on clothing and accessories- check out my list of helpful web sites!

Helpful Web Sites:,,

Save On Your Housing

There is no way getting around it- rent and mortgage payments are a part of life! But there are ways to save, such as renting out an extra room to a friend and charging rent and utilities. Here are more tips!

- Many times rent is increased around the time your lease is up. You may want to try and negotiate to keep the rent at the current rate.

- Pay your rent or mortgage on time to avoid expensive late fees.

- If you rent, be sure to keep your apartment in the best possible condition. Once you decide to move, any repairs will be deducted from your security deposit.

- If your rent is too high, consider shopping around for a cheaper apartment in your town.

- If you are planning on buying a house soon, put as much money for down payment as you can. A bigger down payment will mean lower monthly payments and perhaps a lower interest rate.

- Consider buying a fixer-upper home.

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  1. Nico says:

    Save on your groceries, clothing and housing, these are truly the basic domains you should first look to when cutting on expenses!

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