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Cut Costs and Save Big with Coupons

Posted on 15 October 2008

Would you like to save money at the grocery store? Then you need to clip, to save! Some believe that clipping coupons is a waste of time because you may save 35 cents here and 10 cents there. This is one of the most common myths about coupons. Most coupons have a face value of 55 cents and many, especially on new products, are $1.00. Wouldn’t you like to walk away from the cash register with that extra $1 in your pocket? While a dollar might not seem like much, it adds up. Here are some strategies for stretching your coupons further:

Coupon Strategy 1: Match coupons with sales

One way to save more with coupons is to match coupons with sales. For example, if Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is on sale for 40 cents a box and you have (5) 25 cent off coupons, each box of macaroni will only cost you 15 cents! If the store doubles coupons, you’ll make 5 cents off each box you buy! How is that for savings?

Coupon Strategy 2: Shop at double coupon stores

To maximize your savings even more, shop at double coupon stores. These stores will double the face value of your coupon, up to 99 cents in many cases. If you don’t know your store’s double coupon policy, check with them.

Coupon Strategy 3: Match coupons with loss leaders

Loss leaders are those products that the store has on sale every week. Usually, they are prominently displayed in the front of the store, near the entrance and on the front page of their sales flier. These loss leaders are even more discounted than normal sales. Take advantage of them by stocking up and using coupons!

Coupon Strategy 4: Buy more than one Sunday newspaper

Almost every Sunday, there are one or more coupon inserts. For a sneak peak at the coming Sunday’s coupons, go to Refund Sweepers. Have you ever bought the Sunday newspaper and got some really great coupons, only to wish later that you had bought more newspapers? You may think that buying more than one newspaper is a waste of money. However, think about it. How much does the average Sunday newspaper cost, $1.50? If there are (3) 50 cent coupons you know you will use in that newspaper, the newspaper has already paid for itself! You may also want to ask family and friends to save their coupons for you.

Coupon Strategy 5: Trade coupons

Whether it’s with your friends, family or co-workers, trading coupons is a great way to help others save money and get more coupons of the products you use! There are also coupon trading web sites, like Ivillage or By using these strategies you will find your grocery savings increasing! If you have any coupon tips I have not mentioned, please let me know about them,!

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