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The Power of Praise: Motivate Workers With Positive Words

Posted on 05 September 2012

Ask managers worth their salt if praising staff is important and they will answer with a resounding “yes.” Then ask their employees if they receive enough recognition. Invariably, they crave more kudos for their hard work. Why is there such a disconnect? If managers wholeheartedly agree that praise is beneficial, why do their employees struggle [...]

Workplace Damage Control: Fixing up your office foul-ups.

Posted on 01 September 2012

When I worked for a small publishing company a few years ago, I sent off dozens of sales packets to potential book buyers. A week later, those packets started arriving back at the office from angry prospects who didn’t appreciate getting sales materials with postage due. So what did I do? Did I own up? [...]

Your Acquisition Position

Posted on 31 August 2012

First, the bad news: About half of all mergers undertaken in the United States fail. What’s worse, in the vast majority of these mergers and acquisitions, the human toll is high. And company leadership rarely, if ever, is absolutely candid with employees about necessary changes for making a merger or acquisition work. So what does [...]

Four Simple Steps to Better Workplace Dress

Posted on 28 August 2012

Since the dawn of the high-tech revolution, business casual dress has become a common sight in corporate America. Bill Gates showed the world that billions of dollars could be made while wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants. But the dot-coms and computer giants that once dominated media attention are now sinking faster than the [...]

Dress Yourself For The Leading Role

Posted on 23 August 2012

Just let the wardrobe do the talking. –Jack Nicholson, speaking to Michael Keaton on the set ofBatman. OK, so you probably won’t turn up at your next meeting or interview in a rubber bat suit and black cape, but your wardrobe can help you psychologically prepare for the part you’re about to play. Game On! [...]

Post-Labor Day Fashion

Posted on 21 August 2012

If there’s one thing we know about post-Labor Day fashion, it’s that you put your whites away, right? Well, not so fast, say the fashion experts. It depends on where you live. Geography Lesson It’s not until “after October that people put away the white slacks and shorts here,” says Lucretia Hawkridge, manager of Mark, [...]

Starting a New Job Anxiety

Posted on 21 August 2012

Worker fears can range from computer monitoring to losing their vacation time. But the big daddy of them all is being laid off. What’s the key to alleviating this, and other, workplace anxieties? Communication. Getting The Boot In a recent CareerBuilder poll, 68 percent of the 5,804 respondents reported feeling moderately to completely fearful of [...]

Coping with Critics

Posted on 20 August 2012

The story is told of an old man, his grandson, and their donkey. While traveling, the man overheard passersby mutter, “Look at that poor man walking while the young boy rides the donkey.” So the man rode the donkey while his grandson walked. A few minutes later he heard people whisper, “Can you believe it? [...]

Celebrity bon vivant Ben Stein offers helpful advice for the hardworking

Posted on 20 August 2012

When I think about jobs and money and success, I am drawn to memories of a boy I will call Phil. He and I were in college together. He was always a quiet, unobtrusive fellow, but no student. He was not physically prepossessing–more pudgy, sweaty, and hairy–and he certainly lacked even a shred of charm. [...]

Gender in Management: Women or Man?

Posted on 31 May 2011

Who Put the “Man” in Manager? Great leadership demands gender-neutral skills. Do women make better managers than men? Are we beyond the stage when we should even be posing this question? Touching on gender stereotypes that persist in the workplace, this is the kind of debate that makes employers squirm. Indeed, many women entering the [...]