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Can You Juggle Kids And a Great Career

Posted on 27 February 2011

The number of working women in the United States has increased phenomenally in the past century, from only 5.3 million in 1900 to 75 million in 2010. In fact, according to the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, 99 out of every 100 women work for pay at some point in their lives. If you are [...]

Working Against the Biological Clock

Posted on 21 February 2011

New mothers struggle to find career security. The biological clock once ruled the female lifecycle. But these days, the clock most women adhere to is the one they punch into work with. “Sixty-seven percent of today’s working women occupy blue-collar jobs and have children under the age of 18. It would be a lovely world [...]

Innovative Benefits for Working Moms

Posted on 08 January 2011

If parenting is the toughest unpaid job there is, how can we compensate the 26 million working moms in America today? For starters, we need to stop talking out of both sides of our mouths. Society says our children are lacking in parental guidance–but, at the same time, we want men and women to compete [...]

The Pros And Cons of Working With Relatives

Posted on 06 January 2011

“Honey, let’s start our own business” Sounds charming, even romantic, right? But love, passion, and desire aren’t the only ingredients for success in business. Despite what you may have heard, it isn’t as easy as pie. Just ask Susan Axelrod, president of Love and Quiches Desserts, a New York-based manufacturer that distributes bakery products worldwide [...]

Finding Family Benefits

Posted on 30 November 2008

In the heyday of the Internet revolution, companies would go out of their way to implement unusual and outrageous benefits to lure and retain top industry talent. Employee benefits such as pet-sitting, ice cream socials, and concierge services were not uncommon in the high-tech industry. But we may be seeing the last of the days [...]

Working Off the Clock

Posted on 05 November 2008

Taking Stock in Your Career For those working toward a clearly defined goal, overtime can be an investment in future wealth and security. “Ask yourself, ‘What do I want in terms of my own career path?’” says Texas rail industry recruiter Edna Rice, who has owned her own business since 1988. “If you envision yourself [...]

Working Parents and Children | Effects – Problems

Posted on 13 October 2008

Millions of parents struggle each year to balance career and childcare. Fortunately, more options exist for working parents than ever before. If you want to find a solution that satisfies your family and your employer, read on. Can great parents be great workers? Rising to the Challenge Many companies now recognize the value in supporting [...]