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Tips for Safe and Easy Travel

Posted on 19 September 2008

Travel Warnings The State Department issues Travel Warnings for U.S. citizens because of security, riots, terror, crime, health etc. Go to the travel warnings area to view a current listing. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Many third world countries require vaccinations before you leave home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues a [...]

Transcending Tourism

Posted on 18 September 2008

I’m on a bus to Pokhara, Nepal, a tortuous nine-hour drive from Katmandu, and the seat in front of me is leaning backward at a broken angle, the 300-pound Tibetan women with patchouli-oiled hair occupying it is therefore sitting literally in my lap, and the college student from Darjeeling is sitting next to me, talking [...]

Bed, Breakfast and Befriend

Posted on 17 September 2008

I love everything about bed and breakfasts. I love the voyeuristic aspect of being invited into a total stranger’s home; enjoying a hearty, home-cooked breakfast prepared by someone other than myself; meeting people from around the country and around the globe over a cup of coffee and blueberry pancakes. Unfortunately, my boyfriend hates bed and [...]

Learning the Native Tongu

Posted on 16 September 2008

Thousands of students travel abroad each year to learn foreign languages. They realize that the most effective way to learn a foreign language is to learn in the country where the language is spoken. The four languages that attract the most students are, in descending order: Spanish, French, Italian and German. The following are widely [...]


Hostel Take Over

Posted on 15 September 2008

If you’re looking for cheap lodging, hostels are definitely the way to go. They’re available in over 60 countries worldwide, and they usually cost less than fifteen dollars a night. On the other hand, if you’re looking for privacy or luxurious amenities, a hostel is the last place on earth you’ll want to be. A [...]


Five Rules for Shopping Abroad

Posted on 13 September 2008

For travelers such as myself, the “ka-ching” of the cash register is the international language of love. Yet for those of us who travel on a budget (and I’m excluding Ivana Trump here), our fabulousness seldom matches our franc flow. What to do if you’re discriminating but euro-less? Don’t resign yourself to that $10 souvenir [...]