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Can Grunt Work Boost Your Career?

Posted on 22 October 2009

It felt like thick heavy oatmeal. My right foot was ankle deep in wet concrete as sweat poured down my face, my back burned and my shirt stuck to my skin. It was the height of the Mississippi summer and I was pouring the foundation for a hot tub. More accurately, I had to push [...]

Top 10 Consulting Firms

Posted on 13 October 2009

Updated: 13 November 2010 There has never been a better time to break into the consulting industry. Demand is high for these advisors and problem solvers at companies, organizations and governments worldwide, and the industry is growing exponentially. New graduates usually join consulting firms as analysts or associate consultants, while M.B.A.-level hires typically receive the [...]

Journalist’s Secret Is Her Second Career

Posted on 11 October 2009

During the1950s, Joan Ellis was a full-time homemaker and mother. In 1979, at the age of 48, she completed the undergraduate degree she’d begun before her marriage. A decade later, she launched a successful new career as a film critic. Now age 69, she’s going strong. Read her reviews on her Web site, Movie [...]

A Look at Accounting

Posted on 29 July 2009

Take an industry that’s as old as the abacus, and add four years of higher education — plus a fifth for those seeking better prospects and higher pay. Subtract the effects of a jobless recovery, and multiply by the mystery factor of this year’s business scandals. What’s the bottom line for college students and recent [...]

The Reasons Why Seekers Can Still Find Great Jobs

Posted on 24 July 2009

I attended a recent presentation by Michael R. Losey, former president of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), titled “The Labor Shortage: Why and What to Do About It.” In the current economic climate, this topic may challenge popular attitudes and assumptions. But I was truly inspired. Cold, hard facts can be uplifting, especially [...]

College Students and Drug Testing

Posted on 16 July 2009

Has a tight labor market relaxed the rules? It’s no secret that many companies require job candidates to pass a drug test as a condition of employment. But are grads who use recreational drugs really limiting their career prospects? The Biology of Deception We’ve all heard tales of beating the drug test itself. Some advised [...]

The Dot-Com Daze

Posted on 07 July 2009

Lessons learned from an energetic, electronic era. Many thought of it as a time of milk and honey: pre-IPO stock options, casual dress codes at work, telecommuting, twenty-something CEOs armed with a “big idea” and no work experience, destined to become overnight millionaires. Was it all a dream? Whether you were a winner, loser, or [...]

Can Foreign Workers Still Find Good Jobs?

Posted on 15 June 2009

The International Worker Outlook With layoffs hitting companies across the nation, people from abroad are having a tougher time obtaining standard employment in the United States. But in some markets, job seekers from abroad will have the advantage. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, more than 1.2 million legal and illegal immigrants now land [...]

Retail Job Opportunities

Posted on 14 June 2009

You can make much more than minimum wage. Employment in retail has recently declined, but the situation isn’t totally bleak. The Occupational Outlook Handbook states that retail employment opportunities will continue to grow  due to frequent turnover and a growing population. Other reasons include the growth of products for baby boomers–hearing aids for example–and the [...]

Real Estate Job Opportunities

Posted on 13 June 2009

Real estate jobs offer real commitments, real rewards. The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates over and over, virtually guaranteeing record numbers for real estate transactions. With the strong housing market comes increased opportunity for real estate professionals. Total home sales are projected to top the 5 million mark this year–the second-highest tally on record–says [...]