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Full-time Job After Graduation or Start Work on an M.B.A

Posted on 18 October 2009

Should you get a full-time job after graduation or start work on an M.B.A.? The answer depends on whom you ask. Students who go directly to graduate business school insist they get a lot out of their studies without working first. But many business-school officials don’t agree. Many M.B.A. programs require students to work for [...]

How to Prepare for MBA Interview

Posted on 17 October 2009

Essential Preparation Tips Assume the interviewer will be evaluating you and prepare by heeding these suggestions: “Know thyself.” Review your resume and ask yourself, “Why have I chosen to do the things I’ve done?” says Ms. Lannin. Asking yourself “why?” about each professional move may be the best way to prepare. Be able to articulate [...]

MBA Admission Interviews

Posted on 17 October 2009

Before you’re accepted to your chosen master’s of business administration program, you’ll need to jump through multiple hoops. For many applicants, b-school interviews are the most stressful leap of all. Typically, these sessions last 30 minutes to an hour and are designed to assess qualities that aren’t easily detected on your written application. “We’re using [...]

Should You Work Before B-School?

Posted on 16 October 2009

Harold Burden is the type of person who hates to postpone important tasks. So when he neared college graduation, he was uncomfortable with the prospect of working for several years before starting his graduate business degree. Mr. Burden opted not to work full time and began looking for a business school that would waive the [...]