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Posted on 12 October 2008

Whether you are hoping to get a raise, a promotion or the corner office, this is the perfect time to set career resolutions for yourself. Not only will you better your career, having goals helps keep you on track for where you want to go in life! Here are 5 to get you started!

Resolution #1: I will keep track of my accomplishments.

A job journal is the perfect way to track accomplishments. From small to big successes, a job journal, which can be kept on the computer or on paper, will help keep you organized. It will also assist with resume updates.

Resolution #2: I will not slack off at work.

The holidays are not only a time of merriment, but also a time of vacations and slacking off. With bosses gone, many employees decide a game of computer solitaire wouldn’t hurt a bit- and wind up falling behind their peers. Not only is playing games and surfing the Internet “stealing” time from your employer, you are also losing opportunities to better yourself, improve your skills, and impress your boss. It’s a new year- say no to slacking off!

Resolution #3: I will reach out to my co-workers, especially the new faces in the office.

Studies have shown that workers are more productive when they work in a happy and friendly environment. If you haven’t already, take the time to reach out to others. Some ideas include going out to lunch, talking around the water cooler or introducing yourself to the new intern. Soon, you will find your office a friendlier place to work!

Resolution #4: I will get to work early and stay late.

While sleeping in can be nice, save it for the weekend. Arriving for work early can be an easy way to impress your boss. It will also give you the opportunity to get organized before work. Another idea is to stay late once in awhile. However, if you stay late most of the time, I suggest leaving on time, if you can. After all, there is more to life than work!

Resolution #5: If I’m very unhappy with my job, I’ll find a new one and move on.

Even with the shaky economy, there is no reason to stay at a job you don’t like. Ulcers, headaches, and weight gain can result from “I hate my job” stress. To escape a job you don’t like, take small steps by looking for a new job in the classifieds or online, updating your resume or asking your friends for job leads. Even if nothing happens right away, you can feel good knowing you are moving in the right direction.

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  1. Resume Tips says:

    Great list, Khan! The job journal is a super idea–it can be easy to forget how much you’ve accomplished and how much you’ve grown as an employee, especially if you’ve been with the same company for a while.

    As we head into end-of-year thoughts, I’d also urge everyone to update their resumes. Yes, even if you have a steady job and no plans to change. You never know when you may be forced to look for a new job, or when a new and exciting opportunity may present itself.

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