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Workplace Damage Control: Fixing up your office foul-ups.

Posted on 01 September 2012

When I worked for a small publishing company a few years ago, I sent off dozens of sales packets to potential book buyers. A week later, those packets started arriving back at the office from angry prospects who didn’t appreciate getting sales materials with postage due. So what did I do? Did I own up? [...]

Post-Labor Day Fashion

Posted on 21 August 2012

If there’s one thing we know about post-Labor Day fashion, it’s that you put your whites away, right? Well, not so fast, say the fashion experts. It depends on where you live. Geography Lesson It’s not until “after October that people put away the white slacks and shorts here,” says Lucretia Hawkridge, manager of Mark, [...]

Breaking Bad Work Habits

Posted on 23 August 2011

What a day. You went into work excited about your forthcoming promotion and raise. To your surprise, a co-worker received the title you were sure the boss had reserved for you. When you approached your manager about the unexpected disappointment, you were told that your work habits for the past year were not up to [...]

At-will Employment Doctrine: Policy and Exceptions

Posted on 27 May 2011

At-Will Worker Woes You can be fired for wearing a red shirt to work, for preferring the Yankees to the Mets, or for not attending a piano recital featuring your boss’s daughter. Sound ridiculous? Under the employment-at-will doctrine, workers may be terminated at any time “for good reason, bad reason, or no reason at all.” [...]

Dealing With Office Gossip

Posted on 20 May 2011

Omigod! It’s Office Gossip Cultivate a professional working environment by reducing idle chat. Gossip. It can be so much fun. Who did what? Who did what to whom? What was she wearing? Can you believe what he wrote in that e-mail? My goodness. A few minutes too many around the old office water cooler and [...]

Buyout Agreements and Early Retirement

Posted on 09 March 2011

Think carefully before accepting a buyout offer. During the past two decades, prominent U.S. companies offered early retirement buyouts to reduce senior staff and avert negative effects of corporate layoffs. Buyouts are a humane approach to staff cuts during economic downturns or internal/external changes, including mergers, plant closings and business practice revisions. Buyouts are mutually [...]

Can You Juggle Kids And a Great Career

Posted on 27 February 2011

The number of working women in the United States has increased phenomenally in the past century, from only 5.3 million in 1900 to 75 million in 2010. In fact, according to the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, 99 out of every 100 women work for pay at some point in their lives. If you are [...]

The Pros And Cons of Working With Relatives

Posted on 06 January 2011

“Honey, let’s start our own business” Sounds charming, even romantic, right? But love, passion, and desire aren’t the only ingredients for success in business. Despite what you may have heard, it isn’t as easy as pie. Just ask Susan Axelrod, president of Love and Quiches Desserts, a New York-based manufacturer that distributes bakery products worldwide [...]

The Case: Thank You Notes & Follow-Up Letters for Interviews

Posted on 10 October 2010

During a job interview, candidates will often try to sell themselves–their skills, experience, education, and personality–to a potential employer. But a great interview follow-up can really tip the scales in your favor. Though often neglected, interview follow-ups help potential employees close the deal. Proactive Sales Tools Experts agree: A well-prepared candidate will use a written [...]

Turning Your Hobby Into Your Job

Posted on 22 May 2010

Jim Hillestad, former VP of Creative Services at Chemical Bank, remembers the massive corporate lay-offs of the ’80s all too well–especially the day he was told to cut his staff from 38 to 15. Jim balked and, at 48, took a voluntary severance package himself. He never looked back. When some people lose a job, [...]