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Consensual Relationship Agreements

Posted on 23 May 2011

The Love Contract Debate Employers may want to regulate your romance. Besides raising a few eyebrows, office romances can jeopardize your job security and put employers and co-workers on edge. If you find yourself drawn to an attractive co-worker, be aware of company policy and relatively new trends in office romance management. Lester Jones, attorney [...]

Working Against the Biological Clock

Posted on 21 February 2011

New mothers struggle to find career security. The biological clock once ruled the female lifecycle. But these days, the clock most women adhere to is the one they punch into work with. “Sixty-seven percent of today’s working women occupy blue-collar jobs and have children under the age of 18. It would be a lovely world [...]

How Parents Can Help After College Graduation

Posted on 01 November 2009

MY SON DAN, a Dartmouth College senior, wants to be a political consultant. Or maybe a journalist. Obviously, he could use my career guidance. As a baby-boomer parent, I know too well the importance of landing a good job after graduation. And I certainly could open plenty of doors for my firstborn. But I hesitate [...]

Should You Work Before B-School?

Posted on 16 October 2009

Harold Burden is the type of person who hates to postpone important tasks. So when he neared college graduation, he was uncomfortable with the prospect of working for several years before starting his graduate business degree. Mr. Burden opted not to work full time and began looking for a business school that would waive the [...]

The Top 10 Trends In the Internet Industry

Posted on 31 July 2009

To discover the bewildering array of possibilities in the Internet’s immediate future, look to the medium itself. Every day a boisterous online populace debates the subject in countless e-mail lists, Web sites and discussion groups. The most stirring questions all touch on efforts to exploit the commercial potential of the global network, a movement unabated [...]

From Classroom to Corporation

Posted on 29 May 2009

Academics find success as corporate trainers. Academics in search of extra cash, or just keen for a change of pace, are taking their talents to the corporate sector. The critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills they developed inside the ivory tower are highly valued elsewhere. Academics straddling both worlds say the trick is to [...]

How Clipped Wings Ground Airline Pros

Posted on 22 May 2009

Flight attendants often complain they get little respect in the air. Now some furloughed flight attendants are finding little respect on the ground, too. Thousands of airline workers, laid off in the post-terrorism travel plunge, are having a difficult time finding work. Most of the blame falls on the weak economy and trepidation among prospective [...]

Take Steps Now to Prepare For Retirement.

Posted on 11 May 2009

When should you retire? The answer is simple: Whenever you can afford it. Retirement is fueled by four sources. Pension plans Social Security Tax-deferred savings Basic (taxable) savings This is a good time to evaluate your situation and come up with a workable retirement plan of action. Do You Qualify? Retirement before age 65 is [...]

Furloughed Pilots Take Flight Over Afghanistan Battlefield

Posted on 29 April 2009

ABOARD A NAVY C-130 OVER AFGHANISTAN — For pilot Wilbur Hudson, the Navy isn’t just an adventure. It’s a job. The lieutenant commander needed one pretty badly. In early November, he was sitting in the first officer’s seat of a TWA MD-80 passenger jet, flying domestic routes out of St. Louis. But the airline, swept [...]

Administrator’s Style Hits an Academic Roadblock

Posted on 21 April 2009

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Harvard University’s secretive seven-member governing board issued an unusual statement recently: It stands behind the school’s president, Lawrence H. Summers. The board’s one-page letter to “the Harvard community” sets the stage for a possible showdown between Mr. Summers and his prominent faculty critics, who are moving toward a referendum on his leadership. [...]