Kelloggforum is passionate about helping graduates get off to the right start in the real world.

We know the excitement and exhilaration of graduation time – and all of the anxiety and uncertainty that comes along with leaving college and heading out on your own. And we’re the only web site dedicated to making this major transition an easier, less stressful and less expensive experience.

We’ve established Kelloggforum to be a one-stop resource for seniors preparing for graduation as well as recent grads. We’ve got lots of useful advice and information about post-college life – learned the hard way, through experience – and tools to help you figure out the basics.

Whether you’re looking for a roommate, planning a post-graduation trip, opening a 401K account, facing single life in a new city or buying car insurance for the first time – Kelloggforum is here to help you adapt to life beyond college.

At Kelloggforum, we encourage and inspire you to pursue your own career goals. There’s so much out there beyond what we see. Sometimes, it may be difficult to realize the world outside because we’re used to living in our own little world. Everyone has dreams and goals, but rarely do we act on them. At Kelloggforum, we realize the difficulty you have in pursuing your dreams. Is it the people around you? Your environment? Friends? Family?

Despite your reasons, it’s ok. It’s perfectly ok to not know what you want to do with the rest of your life after you graduate from college. So what if your best friend lands that corporate job at Microsoft? What matters is what you want.

Kelloggforum is about telling our own stories and sharing our own experiences. We are living out our dreams, writing our own history. Everyone has a story. Our interviews are meant to inform you about the career paths of others, and serve as a career informational resource. Behind each interview, you’ll learn about the obstacles, the tragedies, and of course – the triumphs.