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A Positive Attitude Works: Tips on Getting Over Job Rejections

Posted on 24 October 2008

You were sure you had the job. Your rapport with the interviewer was perfect, you projected confidence and enthusiasm and they seemed to really like you. Then what happened? They never called. A few follow-up phone calls later, you found out they had liked you, but chose someone with more experience.

When you receive news like this in a thriving economy it can be difficult, but you move on to the next job prospect. But in the times we’re living in now, it can mean the difference between paying the rent and living out of a cardboard box. What do you do when you receive one, two or ten rejections like this?

As cliche as it sounds, this is the time to stay strong and keep looking, applying and interviewing for jobs. It can be tempting to hunker down with a good book or a talk show and forget about looking for a job. However, as days turn into weeks, then into months, a lack of job hunting interest can really wear you down, both professionally and emotionally.

Here are some common negative attitudes that job seekers tend to adapt as the job search gets harder. Battle this type of thinking! Your job and life depend on staying on the course!

Negative Thought #1: I’ll never get a job.

As unrealistic as it sounds, many job seekers, after months of looking, start thinking no one will ever hire them. Don’t believe this! There are always jobs, yes, even at McDonald’s. While some would not take a minimum wage job, you have to keep your priorities in order. For example, isn’t it better to work at a less than ideal job and pay your bills then get into further debt and declare bankruptcy down the road?

Negative Thought #2: There is too much competition.

Yes, there is a lot of competition, especially with 2008 grads entering the job force in a few months. However, you need to focus on what makes you special to companies. When you apply and interview for jobs, companies are asking themselves, “What can this candidate do for ME?” Every person has unique experience and skills. While you have some time on your hands, really work to perfect your resume. If you’d rather have a professional create your resume, it will be money well spent.

Negative Thought #3: I’ve been out of the job market too long.

Sometimes finding a job takes time. Employers understand this. Besides working on your job search, why not take a class, either at a college or online, brush up on your skills or do some freelance work from home? Not only will this add to your resume, but you may make some money and find you like working from home better!

Once you’ve made the decision to stay on track, be good to yourself! Take a walk, enjoy the springtime (after that long winter), see a movie, hang out with a friend, make a delicious dinner. You don’t have to be a job searching machine 24/7. Life is more than work!

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  1. Resume Tips says:

    Hello Khan:

    I can’t agree with you more about negative thought #2. It’s best to focus on what you are doing and not what everyone else is doing. Worrying about what one perceives as “competition” serves no purpose. If you have been contacted by a company for an interview, it’s because they see something special. You have the skills and qualifications they are looking for — skills you should be proud of. You’re halfway there because the company is interested in meeting the person behind the paper. Pay attention to the task at hand — preparing so you can ace your next big interview!

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  2. bob says:

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