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2008 Grad? Better Start Your Job Search Now!

Posted on 23 October 2008

While the last year of college may be the last chance to kick back and enjoy your carefree youth, it’s important to start your job search. Many college seniors do not begin their job search until the second semester of their senior year. This can set them up for failure!

The National Association of Colleges and Employers report in their latest survey that the hiring of college graduates will decline by 3.6%. The job market may be tight but you do have time on your side if you start job searching this fall! Besides sending out resumes and replying to want ads, what else can a hard-working college senior do to wind up on the lucky “hired” list?

Here are some job searching tips:

Grad Tip 1: Treat your internship like a job

Get to your internship early. Dress and act professionally. Network with co-workers. Put in more than the minimum effort. Work past quitting time. These are a few simple ways to improve your chances of getting hired full-time. If you feel like all you are doing is running errands or making copies, set up a meeting with your boss to see what additional responsibilities you can handle. Your boss will be glad for the extra help, you’ll have experience to add to your resume, and you may have a job offer!

Grad Tip 2: Buddy up with your professors

Instructors not only provide a wealth of knowledge, but also a wealth of contacts. Many professors have a career background outside of the academic world. For example, your journalism professor may have been an editor at a newspaper and decided to try his or her hand at teaching. Talk with your professors about your career aspirations. They may know of someone who can prove helpful in your job search.

Grad Tip 3: Promote yourself right

Let family, friends, and co-workers know what type of position you are looking for and the experience you have in the field. To simplify your networking efforts, consider buying business cards for yourself. While some associate business cards with having an established career, there is no reason why a soon to be grad shouldn’t have some too! On your cards, state your name, phone number, e-mail address and web site address. On the back, create a “mini” resume, listing where you have worked or interned, what courses you have taken, and more.

Grad Tip 4: Consider relocating

While you may want to stay near your college or family, it’s important to be open to moving out of town or even out of state. Your perfect job may be miles away, but consider how many new opportunities it will open up for you!

Grad Tip 5: Visit the campus Career Center

Whether you need help with your resume, interviewing skills or cover letter, the career professionals in your college career center are there to help you! They may also have names of alumni in your field who can help you with your job search.

By following these tips, you’ll find you have an advantage over other grads that may be relying too much on web site job boards and other less effective job searching techniques. The economy may be a bit sour now, but before you know it, job offers will be coming your way!

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